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Classic Print Size - 12x18: $60.

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- J. 



Aftermath is a piece is God-inspired. It speaks volumes concerning my spiritual and mental battles, especially battles of depression and anxiety, and themes of what it means to overcome a challenge, yielding patience and focus, and bearing fruit by having the courage and boldness to plant seeds into the ground—learning to move forward and not backward, and making room for things and people to change. Planting seeds, being future focused, and overcoming the fear of man was one skill I had to learn this year. The drawing is of a young girl standing in an airport, ready to move to her next destination. She appears to be unsure, but ready, looking at those she appears to have left behind. She’s holding an umbrella inside and rain is falling from it. Her tears water the flowers beneath her feet as a plane takes off into the sky. It was all strategic. Aftermath is an illustration of how it feels to nearly drown in a storm that only you can see, not realizing—until you look down—that the seeds you’ve planted have grown flowers for your good. It’s about the peace after the storm. The aftermath of going through emotional labour. Recollecting yourself, stepping back, and waiting for the flowers to bloom as you continue to move forward, accumulating more growth than before the storm ever hit, and becoming stronger than you ever thought you could be. I drew it for God, and those around me who are going through a storm. I found purpose in it. Art has the ability to frame a story.



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