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Classic Print Size - 12x18: $60.

Please email us at for more details, sizes, and prices!

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Black people are often told that their hair must be tamed. The use of box braids and other protective styles are commonly seen as "fake" among other Black and non-Black students in schools, as many--both within and outside of the Black commuity-- carry the silent belief that all forms of Black hair are too loud to be worn with honour. This silent belief spreads like a parasite, forming a negative psychological impact on the perception of hair among even the youngest of children, as many continue to question the value, purpose, and implimented, intentional, beauty within the diversity of Black hairstyles. The use of the phrase "too much?" is not one of insecurity. Rather, it is one of recognition of the knowledge of an illiterate understanding of the value of Black hair, which has, in most cases, been internalized, but choosing to thrive anyway in the freedom of knowing the truth about the blessing of Black hair. This is all told through the lens of Black female teenhood.


Price varies depending on size and whether clients choose plain print (no framing), or canvas. 


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