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WHEREAS Artist will create that certain work of art ("the work"):

WHEREAS the parties want the artist to have certain rights in the future economics and integrity of the work. The parties mutually agree as follows:

SALE: Artist hereby creates the Work for the Purchaser at the agreed value

COSTS: Purchase price includes all costs, both direct and indirect, in creating the work and delivering the work to the Purchaser digitally.

PAYMENT FOR COMMISSIONED ARTWORK: These terms and conditions goes into effect upon the Artist receiving  ($xx)  which is considered to be 50% of the total payment (to be determined) divided by two (2.) The Purchaser agrees to send the Artist the second half of the payment ($xx)  when the Artist informs the Purchaser that the Work is ready to be delivered and upon completion of the work.

PROGRESS REPORTS ON COMMISSIONED ARTWORK: Artist agrees to provide the Purchaser with progress reports during the creation of the work, typically a picture of the work in progress. The pictures will be digital images and sent by email. A progress report will be sent upon request by the purchaser, but no more than once a week.

OWNERSHIP: Upon final payment for the Work, the Purchaser becomes the legal owner of the Work with all rights and privileges, with the exceptions noted below.

REPRODUCTION RIGHTS: Artist retains all copyright rights and rights to reproduce the Work in all forms. Reproduction is permitted with written permission from the Artist.

NOTICE: The Artist has the right to put her signature and the year of completion on the Work in a permanent fashion. Placement and size to be determined.

EXPIRATION: These terms and conditions binds the parties, their heirs and all their successors in interest, and all Purchaser's obligations are attached to the Work and go with ownership of the Work, all for the life of The Artist and Artist's surviving spouse plus 21 years.

WARRANTY: The Artist is obligated to create the work in a professional manner.  If, within 15 days after the sale is final, the Purchaser is not satisfied with the Work, the Artist will do what she can to fix the problem, and if that's not possible, the purchaser can return the work to the Artist and the final payment will be refunded.

Payment Methods


Offline Payments (etransfer)

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